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Feel free to download directing actors handouts (the chapters from book: The Art of Directing Actors). All handouts are intended to be used only for education purpose.

Adaptation of the Script and Directing – [ddownload id=”4170″]

Directing for the Film and Theater – [ddownload id=”4173″]

Fixing Result-Oriented Directing Problem [ddownload id=”4175″]

Main Skills required to Be a Director [ddownload id=”4177″]

Result-Oriented Directing [ddownload id=”4179″]

The Great Teachers [ddownload id=”4180″]

The Main Function of the Director [ddownload id=”4182″]

Tools of a Director [ddownload id=”4184″]

Twenty-Examples-Of-Result-Oriented-Directing [ddownload id=”4187″]




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