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We are excited to announce that we are in the process of developing a new online learning platform. Stay tuned for its launch! We kindly ask you to visit our website again in April 2023 for updates.

If you’re a film or theater director, actor or filmmaker looking for workshop where you make serious progress achieving your creative and professional goals in the very important area of DIRECTING ACTORS, join us. Goodman Directing and Acting Studio offers intensive workshops for film and theater directors. This is a comprehensive course with practical and real life examples, and scientific approach. The director will learn how to bring out the best possible performance from their actors and create a memorable and everlasting work of art. Our workshops and book, “The Art of Directing Actors,” by Ernest Goodman presents directing actors as a practical psychology: the art of managing human behavior. Our ultimate goal is quality of education, which is why our classes are small. Every student will work with actors we provide.

Directing actors is our long-time passion. We spent more than 20 years doing research for methods that can bring the best performance from the actors and I have 10 years of experience of teaching those techniques. The methods of directing actors have more than 100 years of history and they have been developed by Konstantin Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner and others. They are based on the science of human behavior – psychology and psychophysiology.

The director guides the actor by working with him or her to interpret the script, blocking and staging the scenes, working with individual actors to help them deliver their best performance, and many other subtle and not so subtle ways.
Directing actors refers to the process in which a film, theater, or television director guides and manages the performances of actors on set or stage. This involves working closely with the actors to develop and shape their portrayal of characters in a script, ensuring that their performances align with the director’s creative vision for the project. Directing actors can encompass various tasks, such as providing feedback on the actors’ delivery of lines, helping them explore their characters’ motivations and emotions, and guiding them through physical movements and blocking during scenes. Ultimately, the director’s goal is to create a cohesive and engaging narrative by eliciting strong, authentic performances from the actors involved.

How to purchase our workshop?

We offer our workshops online. Please visit our e-learning platform at and book our workshop. All workshops are live provided with the use of Zoom technology. You can order any workshop online and make payments using various methods.

Once you open account you can purchase a workshop via  Eventually, you will have lifetime access to either life workshops via Zoom or recordings.

Live Zoom workshops are streamed over weekends. Almost every weekend you can participate in live Zoom workshops, where you can learn all methods of directing actors. If you miss Zoom session, no worries, recordings will be available.

PowerPoint files for every lecture will be uploaded to our e-learning platform soon.

The following is just a general information about our future workshops.

Types of workshops

There are two types of workshops you can find at our e-learning platform:

(1) Intro to Directing Actors – 3 hours ($300).

(2) Directing Actors Intensive – 8 hours. ($600).

Intro to Directing actors includes:
(1) Basic principles of directing actors.
(2) Understanding of Result and General directions.
(3) Examples of the common mistakes of director (20 examples of Result-oriented  and General direction).
(4) Five methods of directing actors.
Directing Actors Intensive workshop includes:
(1) Basic principles of directing actors.
(2) Understanding of Result and General directions.
(3) Examples of the common mistakes of director (20 examples of Result-oriented  and General direction).
(4) More than 17 methods of directing from different teachers and practitioners from different countries which show students the effective ways of directing actors. The successful techniques of Constantin Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner and others are presented.
(5) Casting principles.
(6) Rehearsal techniques.
(7) Script breakdown, the director’s plan of the movie.
(8) Most known acting methods and techniques.

For further information, please check here or our e-learning platform later in April 2023, at

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