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I would like to introduce you to my action verbs dictionary for actors and directors. This application assists in selecting the best action verb to guide actors and achieve meaningful and successful directing.

The app is an thesaurus of most used action verbs by actors. Actors need to look at various synonyms to understand what a specific action verb is about. For example, action verbs “absolve” will have the following synonyms: Discharge, Exonerate, Exculpate, Exempt, Forgive, Liberate, Purify and Redeem.

This list of synonyms helps actors to understand much more particular action verbs.


Directing is not simply commanding an actor to produce a specific emotion, such as crying or being sad. Rather, it is an art that involves distilling ideas and making informed choices to express those ideas effectively.
One of the most effective methods actors can use to achieve a truthful performance on stage or film is through the use of ACTION VERBS. Adverbs, judgments, adjectives, and generalizations, on the other hand, can lead to result-oriented direction and should be avoided. ACTION VERBS can connect actors with one another, provide clear objectives, and aid in creating chemistry. For instance, an actor can seduce, intimidate, cajole, soften, rebuke, and so forth – all of which are ACTION VERBS. This type of direction is a quick fix for actors because it enables them to build chemistry by creating interactions between characters and define every facet of their character.

Currently, we have Android version of this app. You can download and install it to your Android device from Google Play Store. However, Apple version is coming soon.

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